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Globo Farms
Globo Farms was established in 2019. 
With a focus on delivering safe and high-quality products, the company achieves this through cultivating crops on our own farms or overseeing farmers and packaging centers.

Why you choose us 
We know that our customers demand the best quality, and we are dedicated to delivering it.
Globo Farms is committed to providing safe, high-quality fruits that meet all international standards and local regulations.
We operate integrated supply chains that span the entire production process, from farms to our customers around the world.
This requires the collaboration of all employees across different departments, as it involves all aspects of production, including raw materials and packaging, formulation, procurement, manufacturing, storage, and transportation.
This allows us to deliver safe and high-quality products in a sustainable way.
our products to countries far and wide.
Our agricultural development and land reclamation services focus on utilizing the prime lands and fertile soil in Egypt
  • Regional Road, Sadat City Kafr Dawoud - Menoufia